Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Quick update!

So, I'm bad at blogging apparently... actually, I'm just really lazy. I'm in the middle of finals, so I decided it was a great time to blog! I'd rather do anything than memorize the tax code... BLAH. Here's a bulleted list of new news because, well, I'm too lazy for detail.

  • Baby Glaze is a GIRL!! At first, I thought it might be a girl... I don't really know why... but then someone said they thought I was having a boy, so I got stuck on boy. So, I was actually kind of surprised when they said girl!

  • We're pretty sure it's a girl. From the angle on the ultrasound (to quote Ryan) there wasn't really any place to hide the frank and beans.

  • I'm in the middle of finals, so maybe there will be a more informative/humorous post in late December... You can hope anyway.

It's baby Avery!

And she's got nothing to hide!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Large and in charge

*Warning* Explicit material... read at your own risk. Especially men who don't really want to know the ins and outs of what goes on at an OB visit.

So, I went to my last doctors appointment on Tuesday. You know what I hate about doctors offices? Your appointment is at say, 9am. You get there at 8:45... sit in the waiting room until 9:30 and finally get called back about an hour after you get there. The nurse weighs you and whatnot... then you go sit in the room to see the dr. for another 30 minutes. This is all the more uncomfortable when your at the lady doctor and the 30 minutes in the room by yourself you're sitting in what looks like the left over material from grandma's quilting basket.

I will admit at Lakeside, they give you a "pink party dress". This is nice because there is no question about how it goes on. You're fully covered and you sit there as comfortably as you can knowing the impending doom.
At my doctor, there is no dress. When I go in the room, the lady tells me "pink is the top and black is the bottom". I can't really tell what it looks like because it's neatly folded on the table.

So, I decide that I'm going to investigate how exactly these garments work before I disrobe. Boy, am I glad that I did!! Never in my life have I been more confused about what went where. By checking these out ahead of time I saved myself a good 15 minutes standing around buck naked looking stupid, holding up fabric and looking for an arm hole, something, anything that looked familiar.

The top looked like one of those "barber smocks" that the lady who cuts your hair puts around your neck. Ok, I think, I know where my head goes... but do I wear it like a cape? It has no snap or anything, so does the opening go in the back or the front? Once I put it on I discover that it will wrap around me twice, so I opt for the scarf approach and throw the two flaps over my shoulders. This gives me the most coverage considering the length of my "cape scarf" hit me at about the belly button. (I later realize that this was not the best approach, as the doctor has to "unwind" me for the exam.)

The bottoms... well that's another story. The "bottoms" (if you can even call it that) unfolded is just a square of fabric. At first I think I can wear it like a towel and tuck in the ends. No biggie, I think, and I start to wrap the bottoms around my waist. The fabric looked larger before I put it around me. I now realize the bottoms are about the size of a hand towel; there will be no wrapping. So now comes the realization... I'm going to have to sit my bare butt on that table?!?! Bare butt is MUCH better than the alterative to leave the opening on the other side. So, I cinch that baby as tight as I can get it and waddle over to the table and hop up. I must say, I covered most of me... which was quite a feat considering what little I had to work with.

So there I sit... in my tablecloth scraps. Waiting, Waiting... My leg is starting to go to sleep (probably because the bottoms are a tourniquet at my mid-thigh). Anyway, the doctor FINALLY gets in there and measures my belly. How far are you?? She pokes my belly some more, then looks at my chart... Then back to the belly. Turns out, I'm measuring about 2 weeks farther along that I say that I am. We're waiting until the ultrasound to find out why... but I was slightly freaked out. I possibly missed a whole 2 weeks?!? After talking to some friends, they assured me that it was normal. I'm alright now, but everything I read online about women who measured large was like... "I measured 2 weeks ahead and had a 40 pound baby!" HOLY $%&*^#! (ok, so maybe not 40, but there were several 11-13 pounders documented).

So, anyway, I'm large... and for the sake of my sanity and my physical being I'm praying that I'm not on the path to birth a 2-year old. Oy vey!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I get it....

Sometimes on ESPN, or other sports-related news media... people will talk about how obnoxious and rude OU fans are... I, who consider myself an OU fan, would normally get mildly offended and wonder what the heck they were talking about. Oklahoma is a friendly place full of good 'ole boys! I've been to several OU football games (although none in Norman since before 2000, until Saturday) and a couple of basketball games and have found none of these so called "obnoxious" fans. Sure, there are students who paint their bellies and loudly scream the fight song, but what college doesn't have that? So, I would tell those OU fan bashers they didn't know what they were talking about.... until Saturday...

*I will preface all of this by saying that I'm a girl, normally I love football games, when it's cool outside... I don't like being sweaty and hot... I have a low tolerance for stupid people... and I'm pregnant and generally gripey*

Once we trekked 3 miles to the stadium and we got to our seats... It was nice... my happiness scale was sitting at a 8. Once I had nachos and a coke... it hit a solid 9. All is going well, I'm enjoying nachos and a soda... pre-game is going on... Ryan has someone there to talk "technical sports talk" with. This is great... the seats aren't crowded, there is even a breeze. Hooray for football!

Then, seconds before kickoff... a large man comes up the stadium stairs. I saw him coming rows away... and I know his seat is the empty one to my left. The only problem is, our row is completely filled except for this one seat, and people have already spaced out. This empty seat is almost completely filled by my empty nacho boat... and this man is MUCH larger than a nacho boat.
Large man squeezes down the row... and then he sits, partly on my left leg. I scoot over towards Ryan where I am practically sitting on him now. There's only one thing I hate worse than being sweaty... being sweaty and TOUCHING someone... now I'm being touched on both sides. (this I only blame on the university for wanting to cram so many people in the stadium... that, and America's obesity problem.)
Wait... something smells.... It's the big man! What is that smell... obviously, BO.... and..... Band-aids?!? Does he have some big injury and a dislike for deodorant?? Oh wait.... something else.... pork rinds!! BO, pork-rinds, and band-aids. GAG ME!!
About 6 minutes into the first quarter, Big man decides to put his hands on the bleacher... except there's no room on the bleacher... so he's touching my butt!! This lasts for entirely TOO long and makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I say something to Ryan about big man touching my butt, and he just laughs and goes back to the game.

Then, Roseanne Barr's "voice twins" sister (who apparently is an avid OU fan) is sitting behind and to my left. All she yells is "Defense, stop it right now!" OVER and OVER. If you replaced Defense with Darlene, I could have sworn someone was watching Roseanne reruns. Much to my surprise, she switched up her yell in the 3rd quarter by replacing every 6th "Defense, stop it right now!" to "SackHimSackHimSackHimSackHimSackHim". I swear, she sounded exactly like Roseanne, but 35139 time louder. It was ridiculous!!

Then directly behind me was a family that walked right out of a Jeff Foxworthy joke. They were absolutely WT and had the worst accents I've ever heard! I can't even sum up everything they said that was absolutely ridiculous, but here's a few quotes...

From the mom to the daughter (who was blonde, yet had dreadlocks that looked like she had slept in them for a month...all frizzy and falling out): "See thar.... that's why yous need to say in gymnastics... so you can be one of those cheerleaders flippin' around out thar."

Dad to son EVERY PLAY: Watch 'is son... thar's gonna be a touchdown/intercept'en (depending on who had the ball) I ken fill it.

Mom on cell phone: I sencha a pitcher of the feld with the players on it... I can't hear ya.... I can't hear ya.... I can't hear ya...

(The best one of the night) Dad to family: Babe, sister, son... any of ya want any of this coke fore I put whiskey in it?
(alcohol is banned at all big 12 stadiums, just FYI... apparently not from a flask hidden in your overall pockets, though)

So all of this went on... coupled with the pregame "welcome to the visiting team" that you couldn't even hear because everyone was booing so loud.

I have to say... it was nice to see a game in Norman since OU has been, well, ranked. The last time I went to a game at Norman I think there were somewhere around 20,000 in attendance and it was "Pre-Stoops". At Saturday's game the attendance was 85,000. I enjoyed the OU games more in Waco or College Stadium where the seats weren't as crowded and I think it was later in the year, so it was nicer weather. I managed to get a sun burn, so that stinks, but I found our way back to the car (quite the feat).

I could totally see how OU fans would be coined rude or obnoxious. I definitely saw obnoxious... and if the boos were that loud for a no-name team, I can only imagine how it gets during conference play. Sadly, I don't think it's the students that are the rude ones... You could almost write that off as being young and immature... But I see the older (probably not even alumni) fans as being the rude, obnoxious ones. (Prime example being the testicle guy...) I'm not saying that being a fan when you're not a student/alumni is bad... I'm a fan and not an alumni. (I went to a no-name school where our football record was like 2-8 and our claim to fame is one of the guys from the Friday Night lights movie played there.) I just think it's ridiculous to be so fanatical about a school you don't have any ties to, other than you like their football team.

Anyway, I'm still an OU fan... just one that watches the games from home.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The dog ate my homework!!

Tonight, I'm sitting at home, helping Ryan grade some papers. Chimi was lounging on his favorite cushion when I look over and notice him licking a couple of the papers. So, I swat at him and he stops and goes back to his toy. Next thing I know, I look over and he is now nibbling on the corner of a couple of the pages. I swat at him, yell "NO", and he stops. I watch him and not two seconds later he is back in the papers again. What is odd about this is there is a magazine, a folder and other "paper products" on the couch. I think this begs the question...

Do dogs have a natural taste for homework?? Could the old, tired excuse actually be true? Do dogs like to eat homework?

"Homework is my favorite food!!"

Monday, August 27, 2007

Today I experienced something I've never experienced before in my life...

Indentions on my shoulders from my bra straps.

God Bless you, pregnancy boobs, God Bless you!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Expecting, but not...

The list of unexpected experiences in my life seems to grow daily with the biggest "unexpected" being the baby in my belly! With that surprise came the biggest surprise of all... what pregnancy is really like. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this.

Morning sickness, what a misnomer! More like all day and night sickness! Maybe husbands made up the name morning sickness to make pregnant women feel guilty for complaining past noon. Perhaps the saddest part of all is that my current queasy existence has caused grocery shopping and seeing certain commercials to become a gut wrenching experience. Even sadder still is the list of foods that have become "untouchables".
  • Macaroni and Cheese - Yes, for those of you who know me well, know that I"m a big fan of the blue box. Maybe it's because my family made Velveeta shells and cheese when I was a child and I suffer from a powered cheese product deficiency, but normally, I can't get enough of the stuff. Now, I look at it and gag.
  • Onions - usually delicious, now, even a sliver disgusts me.
  • Pizza - Now pizza, I was not giving up without a fight. In fact, I've had it 3 times since being preggers, and it's never stayed in my tummy for long. It's depressing, really!

Where's the pregnancy glow? Unless the glow is greenish, I don't think I've made it there yet. Because of the sickies, I've lost between 9 - 11 lbs according to our scale at home (depending on the time of day I weigh). However, the weird thing is, I can't tell I've lost ANY weight. If anything, my pants are tighter, my shirts fit about the same. So where is this missing weight coming from? Strange!

At least at this stage RG gets a perk... I don't complain about him leaving the seat up. In fact, it's kind of courteous because it's one less thing I have to do between kneeling and holding my hair back.