Thursday, March 4, 2010

Commitment: FAIL

2 weeks in a row, no Make Me Laugh Monday...  I have no excuse except maybe I forgot it was Monday, but I don't know that you can actually FORGET that you weekend is ending and it's back to the grind...

BUT, here is something (someone, rather) who makes me laugh everyday.  RG   This post in particular cracked me up, because it was an actual event.     I just saw a mythical creature!   Here's a scene from the car leading up to the event:

RG:  Oh my!
Me:  What?
RG:  You need to slow down
Me:  *scanning the road for police/speed traps*  Why?  I'm not going THAT fast...
RG:   No no no no no... Slow down and look into this car you just passed.  There's like a Cockatoo or something driving. 
Me:  What?!?  I'm not slowing down... They're going like 10 under.
RG:  Do it, Do it.  You won't be sorry....

And he was right... I wasn't... and we had a laugh for the rest of the day.