Monday, August 9, 2010

String of thoughts...

Tonight, while eating dinner, I described the texture of my pasta as being play-doh-y.   RG felt it necessary to point out that that I didn't really need the "play" prefix.   Rude.  True, but rude. 

I guess that mere seconds before I made that comment, it hadn't occurred to me that "doughy" is indeed, a word. 

Less than an hour after making said rude comment, RG was struck with a fever. 

I have friends in high places. 

Or maybe the fever is because everyone else in our house except RG has had a fever.  

Even the bouncy cow. 

The Grammercy Chair from Ballard Designs rocks my world. 

Subway art is over done, there I said it.  

When RG's clothes are in the dryer, it sounds like something is fighting for its life in there.   

Speaking of fighting for your life, there was a wasp in the revolving door at my office last week.   Leaving for the day was like playing bee sting roulette. 

I really don't like bees.  or any bugs for that matter.  

Snakes count as a bug.  So do spiders. 

One of those is obviously more logical than the other one.  

I'll let you decide for yourself which one. 

If you can't decide, maybe we shouldn't be friends. 

Or maybe we should... 

I'll be the smart friend. 

Time to distribute the Tylenol.