Friday, February 26, 2010


 I missed Make me Laugh Monday because I've been a little under the weather.  I've had a flu-ish sickness that I just can't seem to get rid of... bummer.   Sometimes my sneezes scare Avery, like this...

Anywho, I'll be back with some more news and a working link to Avery's birth story. (oopsie again!)   I'm off to make a TP scarf.  AAAACHHHOOO!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Make Me Laugh Monday

Agggh... These next 2 weeks already have my stress-level through the roof.   Yeesh... I don't want to think about it.   Let's laugh instead!! 

There's a pretty good chance that since we all were children in the 80s, looking at this website is a little bit scary.   Scary in that, one of OUR family photos could easily be on this site.  True Story.

Here is my recent fave. 


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What would yours say?

A friend sent me this link today.  
I actually haven't made it through the entire video because I have to keep stopping it.
Clients probably wouldn't appreciate if I cried on their documents.
I also saw that Kelly had a post on her blog where she shared her own "Cardboard Testimony".

Monday, February 8, 2010

Make Me Laugh Monday

Holy Moly!   I almost forgot my commitment.   That would have been my shortest relationship EVER.  

Unless you count the boy in 5th grade who broke up with me after 3 days for couple skating with someone else at PTA Roller Rink night... 

Elementary School Drama! 

*somewhere in the future, 16-year-old Avery is extremely embarrassed* 

Bring on the Funnies!!

Where am I??

Sometimes I get the feeling that I fell asleep and work up in the Artic Circle...

This morning, woke up to snow... AGAIN.  

Seriously, 3rd Winter Storm in 45 days.   At least it's not supposed to get as bad as last time...

Some people are going on 2 weeks without power. 

I'd like to get my hands on that little Groundhog.  

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The conclusion of pregnant in law school.

I really struggled with not having a clever title for this series of stories. I briefly considered some, but Junior and Juris seemed like too much of a stretch, so I give up.

If you wanna read it, here's the rest of the story.  Part 1 and Part 2

Going back to school after summer break has always been a whirl of emotions. As a kid I can remember not sleeping the night before because I was nervous/excited. Who would be in my class? What am I going to wear? Did I get enough folders for my trapper keeper? I’d always have butterflies in my tummy the first day of school. Going back into my last year of law school was like that, except instead of butterflies, there was a baby. And I didn’t have an awesome trapper keeper.

I decided before I headed back to school that I wasn’t going to tell anyone until I was bigger than a breadbox. I didn’t want anyone to judge. Looking back, I’m not really sure why I thought it was a big deal to keep it secret. I didn’t want professors/classmates think that I did not care about my education, or my grades, or my future career. I wanted people to take me seriously, both as a mother AND as a future attorney.

Keeping baby a secret was hard. Morning sickness was ALMOST done, but I still went to the bathroom a little too often. I’d also developed a habit of not wearing makeup on days I felt subpar. Friends noticed, I told them, and before long, being knocked-up wasn’t so hush-hush.
One day, while waiting for class, “Jane” came up to me in the hallway. “Jane” was known for speaking without a filter.

J: Heard you were pregnant
M: Yes, I am
J: *blank stare*
J: So…. Are you actually going to keep it?
M: *thinking did you REALLY just ask that* Yes..
J: AND still go to school
M: Yes
J: Oh… *look of disapproval*

And with that she walked off. This was still early on in the semester and I thought. Please God… if I get much more of that, I’m going to end up bawling right here in the hallway. To make matters worse, I was convinced that was going to be the feeling of 99% of my classmates.
Not 20 minutes after the “Jane” encounter, someone came up to me and said that “Holly” was also pregnant. “Holly” was also in her last year and not only that, we were in the same study group. I immediately hunted her down to confirm, and we both expressed relief that we weren’t “alone”. There may have been a tiny happy dance in there as well, I can’t be sure.

The semester went on, and I did not tell any of my professors what was going on. By Christmas, I was starting to get a belly, but I just wore bigger sweatshirts. No one said a word. When class started after Christmas, I couldn’t hide the belly much anymore, so I wrote an email to my professors. I got 3 “Congratulations!” and only 1 “I don’t care.”

The day before I was scheduled to be induced, I told my small Estate Planning class (8 people) that I wouldn’t be in class the next week because I was going to have a baby. THREE (all guys, I might add) looked at me in disbelief and said, I didn’t even know you were pregnant. Dude… I’m as big as a house. Really? No idea? Me being the huge preggo found it flattering and the whole class expressed Congratulations.

Avery's Birth Story

To be honest, aside from the “Jane encounter” and the indifference of one professor, the law school community welcomed my pregnancy with open arms. My fear was far and away the worst part of it all. 99.9% of everyone was genuinely happy for me (or, apparently, didn't notice.) Even though I started out thinking that this was the absolute WORST time to have a baby, it ended up being the ABSOLUTE BEST time to welcome baby Avery into our family.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Diaper Days

Two posts in one day?!?!   Don't worry, you didn't miss the rapture!    

I thought I'd pass this along to all my fellow mommies.  

What if I told you that you could get $50 worth of diapers for $25?  Crazy right?? is having a crazy deal right now and here's how you join the crazy diaper party...

1. Go to  (DUH)
2. Buy $50 worth of anything on the site - get free shipping.  This means everything, diapers, formula, clothes, toys, books, etc
3.  Enter code DIAPY313 during checkout and get an additional $10 off your order. 
4.  Print, fill in, and mail this rebate form .   Pay attention to the instructions. You can either receive a free Parenting magazine subscription OR a $14.97 rebate. 

That brings your grand total of savings to $24.97.   I bought 100 diapers and a couple of diaper genie refills for right at $30.   Pampers at Wal-Mart WITH a coupon aren't even that cheap.  Trust me, I've spreadsheeted it.   

*cue the tumbleweed* 

What you guys don't spreadsheet your grocery expenses and savings?? 

Oh, me neither....  

YAY Cheap Diapers!

Make me laugh Monday

Those of you who know me in real life know that I've been in a funk for quite some time.  I decided to post something that makes me laugh every Monday because, ya know, Monday can be a big fat downer most of the time.  Here goes my attempt at making a weekly commitment to the blog.  

Commitment makes me nervous... my hands are sweaty just thinking about it.... 

This one is WAY too long, but just watch the first 30 seconds or so.  

*I will finish my law school baby story soon!  Promise!