Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The story continues...

It should be noted that the husband and I aren’t much for talking on the phone in the first place, but it’s even worse when I’m trying not to break the news and keep it secret for another 8 days:

Husband: Hi!

Me: Hi!

H: Have you been crying?

M: *putting on my best I wasn’t crying/sleeping voice* Nope. Just sittin’ here doing nothing.

H: Oh… Ok

M: How was your day? What did you do?

H: Oh, ya know, stuff and things…

M: fun

H: yeah. Sure nothing is wrong?

M: *choking back tears* Yep. Every thing is fine.

And so went the basic conversation over the next week. It was tortuous. Not that I didn’t want to hear from Husband every night, but every time I talked to him, I had to keep my mouth shut.

After the longest 8 days of my life, I went to pick up RG at the airport. I was afraid I was going to let it lose, right there at the baggage claim, but there was enough hustle and bustle to distract RG from noticing I hadn’t said much more than Hi. Thankfully RG gushed about his trip from the terminal, to the parking lot, and the entire way home, so I didn’t have to say anything… yet. I had a plan.

Our 2nd Anniversary passed while RG was on his trip. I’m kooky and follow the “traditional” anniversary gifts. (Hey, I worked at Hallmark in college, give me a break.) Anyway, 2nd Anniversary is cotton: He brought me back a t-shirt and I had bought a Red Sox onesie and wrapped it in a little box:

Husband: *opens box and gets a confused look on his face, like “this is SO not going to fit”*

M: *stares at husband, like… say something*

H: It’s a baby costume…?

M: yeah

H: ….

M: ……

H: Do we NEED a baby costume?

M: yeah… *cue the bawling*

Husband was super excited and came over and gave me the biggest hug ever. I honestly think at that moment, I subconsciously knew everything would work out. He didn’t even notice that he didn’t ACTUALLY get an anniversary present. (I may be calling his attention to that now…Oops!)

The day after I found out I was with child, I had to go back to work. At this time, I worked with two of my best friends, Josh and Danielle. It’s great working with friends, but hard to hide ANYTHING. At this point, morning sickness was pretty much all day sickness. The “something’s wrong with Heather” rumor started pretty quickly… I was constantly running to the bathroom. I didn’t go to lunch with anyone anymore. And I dropped 11 lbs in 6 weeks. I’m pretty sure they all thought I was bulimic.

Sometime before school started in August, I went to Red Robin for lunch with Danielle and Josh. I LOVE the burger with a fried egg on it, so Duh, that’s what I order. I realize as soon as it arrives at the table that this was the wrong decision. There is no way I can eat this without barfing in Danielle’s car on the way back to the office. I resort to cutting the burger into 4ths and end up eating half of a 4th of the burger. (And further adding to the eating disorder rumors.) At this point, Josh, who introduced me to the aforementioned delicious burger, is staring at me in disbelief, and Danielle is also giving me a funny look. I know I have to come clean. I tell them the news, expecting them to ask me what I am thinking because they’re both in school with me. But instead, quite the opposite… there are congrats and hugs all around. Danielle is excited and as a mom of 2 (now 3!) herself, starting discussing all things baby, and Josh was just relieved that he didn’t have to shove the rest of the burger down my throat.

We had already told both sets of parents who we knew would be, and were, OVER THE MOON about the first grandbaby on both sides. The cat was out of the bag… and it was well received… much more so than I had ever imagined…

More to come….


danielle said...

oh. i do NOT know how you kept it in for EIGHT days. that is some major self control.

Leslie said...

I'm still laughing that he called it a costume. Haha

Heather said...

What a cute story! I just came here from Lucky Star Lane, so I'm definitely gonna have to read back to find out what happened next!

Thanks for visiting us :)

-Heather at LSL

Danielle said...

sorry I am just catching up on your blog! that seems like it was soooo long ago! I miss our fun times together :(