Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A is for Apple

The other day, I was reading to Avery from a past issue of Elle Decor (ok, so we were just looking at pictures)  when we stopped on a 2-page spread of a kitchen.

Apple!  Avery exclaimed.  I looked all over the double page and didn't see any apples.  Interested to see what she thought was an Apple, I asked where were the apples.  In the bottom corner, barely visible was a tiny bowl filled with apples.  

My first reaction was, "Whew, she's not blind like her daddy."  (Ha!  Love you Husband!)  and secondly, this girl is obsessed with apples.  
Apples are the second most requested food for little A, right behind cheerios (which actually sounds more like "turtle" when she says it).  Heaven forbid if she's in the kitchen when you open the refrigerator door and she happens to see an apple in the crisper.  APPLE APPLE APPLE!!   Mommy, APPLE!  Dada, Apple!  APPLE!!!  So needless to say we are never short on apples around here. 

Since honeycrisp apples (our favorite) are in season, we've been buying the 3-lb boxes so that we always have them on hand.  And even though Avery could eat apples everyday, I get tired of them and look for ways to spruce them up. 

Here's one of my favorite apple dips... cream cheese makes almost everything better.

Carmel Apple Dip
1 pkg. (8 oz.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened (Neufchatel Cream Cheese works well too)
1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla

BEAT cream cheese in small bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until creamy. Add brown sugar and vanilla; beat until well blended.
SPOON into serving bowl.
SERVE with apple wedges for dipping.


Jenna said...

That sounds so good! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

Yum! That's sounds delicious! Thank for sharing.