Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don't sell your sole to the devil...

Now, I loves me some fashion, but often times it's more in theory than in practice. Heaven knows, I've ran to Wal-Mart sans makeup in sweats with hair a mess more than a few times. Heck, I even occasionally wear t-shirts to the office. Yet, I gush over the adorable dresses in fashion magazines, and watch "What-Not-To-Wear" only to turn around and commit the same sins they just scolded against. (Hey, I know that oversize hoodie is doing nothing for me.)

However, even I have boundaries... namely, my shoes.

That's right, fashion will win over function every time when it comes to my footwear. Fashion trumps comfort... In some cases fashion trumps moderate to severe discomfort.

Often times my husband watches in horror as I apply numerous band-aids to my feet to protect against the blisters that my adorable peep-toes are undoubtedly going to create. He tries to understand why I wouldn't just throw away something that causes me enough pain that I beg him not to park more than a block away from our destination. My answer is simple, These shoes are SOOO cute!

So, when I recently saw someone wearing these, I just thought... Those must be those shoes that people have to wear when one leg is longer than the other.

Then, I happened to hear the shoe wearer tell her friend, "These are my new weight-loss sneakers!"
What??? You are voluntarily wearing shoes that look like they are made for an anime cartoon character???

I don't know if it's a case of New Year's resolutions, but the influx of these shoe sightings is alarming. Today at lunch, 20% of the patrons were wearing them!! (So what if there were only 10 people in the store.) Even more alarming is that these shoes run about $250!!!!!

Ladies, $250 will buy you AT LEAST 2 nice pair of stilettos. Wear a pair of those for a day and tell me that your calves aren't killing you the next morning. Now, that's a pair of shoes that will give you a workout AND won't make you look like Herman Munster's sister.


Leslie said...

I love shoes... I have an entire closet filled with shoes that I only wear occasionally but love every second I get to wear them.

Also? I live in a pretty large city, one of the largest if not THE largest, and I have never seen those shoes! Is it Oklahoma's way of fighting their obesity problem? I think a gym membership would suffice...

pittsnix said...

i will live in pain for the rest of my life for any pair of shoes!!! thank goodness handbags are that painful!!!

Freckles Chick said...

LOL! I thought the same thing as you--they must be for people w/ different leg lengths rather than fashion.

I agree on the stilettos and killer calf muscles. Any excuse for me to wear them--I'll take it!

Julie said...

I have seen those too. My friend's shop sells them. I'd rather be fat than wear them. Those are fug! Although I have heard the company makes cute sandals.

G+D said...

Oh hell no. Those shoes need to go. Eek!