Wednesday, November 18, 2009

About time...

So, I finally built a bridge and got over my anger at the internets eating my first halloween post attempt.  I won't lie, this is probably going to be the readers digest of the first version, because well... Bloggy just hasn't earned my trust yet.... "Draft saved" isn't enough for me anymore... 

Moving right along *snap snap*  (Phi Theta shout out)  On to the halloween pictures! 

The weekend before Halloween, my parents came to visit.  Since we were not sure of our Halloween plans, we decided to do a costume dress rehearsal so Nana and Poppy (or Puppy) could see the cute little zebra. 

I even added a bow so everyone would know that she's a GIRL zebra.

Pretty successful costume experience... no tears or attempts at undressing.

Then came the fall carnival at Avery's daycare.  The kids were encouraged to dress in their costumes.  However, something had changed in the last 5 days and we ended up like this...

Mad/Sad Zebra

Then came the Great Pumpkin Festival.  Avery is obsessed with all things pumpkin.  Upon arrival she went charging towards a pile of pumpkins screaming "Punkin Punkin Punkin!!!!"  Ryan sang,  Avery got a tatoo, good times were had by all. 

The Pied Piper for the Children of the Corn.

The "punkin" tatoo which she LOVED.
*side note* Do you know how HARD it is to take a picture of a toddler's hand?!?  I mean, I spent a good half hour chasing her around and this was the best shot I got.

Then on Sunday, we decided to make the trek to D-town to go to  my home church's trunk-or-treat.  But when Avery heard she'd have to wear the costume again she wasn't happy.
I promised her that I wouldn't make her wear the hood, and she went along with it.... mostly.

I can't believe you're making me do this AGAIN!

Who knew colored rice was so much fun?!?

I have many more pictures, but my internet connection has to walk knee-deep in the snow both ways to get us on the world wide web, so it makes uploading pictures a royal pain.  (Now you see why the blog and I had a lover's spat?)


Dusty said...

There should be a "like" button on blogger posts.

Stacy said...

Hooray! I've already looked at this post 4 times today. Miss that cute little girl!

danielle said...

she was a precious zebra... hood or not!!!

Leslie said...

Sooo cute! We tried to find a cute animal like that but all they had were bears or puppies. What a cute little Zebra!