Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Momma, was I two when I was born??

This is what I imagine my daughter saying to me one day...  and it makes me sad. 

Little A was born into my whirlwind of a life.  She was born on the Thursday of Spring Break in my final semester of law school.  I was back in class a week later, and back at work a month after that.  After graduation, I spent the next two months studying, stressing, and crying over the bar exam.  After the bar exam, I spent the next 6 weeks stressing out over the fact that a single test (that I was sure I flunked) would determine my professional future.  When we finally thought the "hard times" were over, I found myself among the unemployed in May. 
Ya know what though?? Everyone told me that having a baby is stressful.  In most cases, that's probably true, but for me, Avery was a breath of fresh air.  She calmed my nerves and made me blissfully happy.  She is exactally what I needed and came at the perfect time. 

We would try to schedule family pictures around BarBri classes and RG's summer schedule.  We'd say, Oh, we'll go to the park and take pictures, but it was such a hectic time, that we didn't get to do many of the things we wanted, much less take pictures.  We DID manage to take some pictures though, of just everday life....  And then our computer ate them.    Crashed, hard-drive destroyed...  pictures, videos of the first few days, gone forever.

I cried.  I'd cry again right now, but I'm at work.... and, Fergie says big girls don't cry. 

Thankfully, I had already printed some pictures from snapfish and we have pictures taken in the studio for Christmas and whatnot.  But I still feel awful that we lost some of those early pictures and videos. 

So, my new years resolution (2 months early) is to take pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.  And print those bad boys off!!  A changes so much everyday that I don't want to miss a thing!

On that note, here are a few pictures of baby A for you to enjoy!

Graduation Day - 2 months old

First Rice Cereal - 4 months old

Shocking! 4 months old

First OU Game - 6 months old

8 months old

Christmas Pictures 2008 - 8 months


Megan said...

She is so cute!!
Yeah, a baby is nothing compared to all of that! I am only the spouse of a law student & I never want to have to go through finals, barbri & the bar again!!

Good Goal!!

G+D said...

She is so adorable!